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Deep Tissue CEU

Deep Tissue CEU

Instructor: Gary Gregory

12 Florida CEU Hours

Dates Offered:  Saturday- August 5  &  Sunday- August 6, 2023

Time:  9 AM - 4 PM

FL. CEU Broker #20-631492


This course will discuss and analyze the following concepts: assessment of deep tissue massage, benefits of deep tissue, indications and contraindications of deep tissue, components of muscles, and stretching principles.  An added bonus to this class is an introduction to cupping therapy to be integrated with deep tissue therapy.


You will also learn deep tissue massage for the following muscle groups: extensors of forearm, hand, ankle, toes, illiopsoas, infrahyoid, intercostals, lateral rotators of the hip, muscles of abductors, hamstrings, torso, head and neck muscles, pterygold, abdominals, erector spinae group, gluteal muscles, thigh and quad muscle groups, rotator cuff muscles, scalene, SCM/Shoulder/Arm muscle groups, and the suboccipital group.


Course Prerequisites

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Massage Liscense required
  • Come to class dressed professionally
  • Bring clean twin sheets (both flat and fitted), and a thin twin blanket if possible


      Course Addons

      Interested in our expanded Deep Tissue packages? Below are additional addons that are available with this course:

      • Lunch On Your Own
      • Free Deep Tissue Massage product
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