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Inspiring Learning

Interested in furthering your training?Obtaining

Continual Education Units (CEU) allows you to perform more specialized, complex, and lucrative

techniques and services.  CE classes can range from Aromatherapy which uses scent to improve psychological  and physical well being to  more complex courses like Reiki, Chakra Therapy to Deep Tissue and  Bamboo  massage.  Whatever level you are looking for, Bonita Springs School has what your educational needs are.  

24 Hour Packages Receive FREE 6 hour Mandatory Classes

Please be mindful to register 2 WEEKS prior to class hands on start date.

About Us

Bonita Springs School, Inc. has an extensive experienced and professional staff to ensure that you receive the education and training you deserve. Specializing in hair, massage, cosmetology, and much more, we remain one of Florida's premiere educators. Stop by and see how our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you make your dreams come true.

Meet Our Team


Jamie Kliewe

Jamie is the Owner and Founder of Omni Balanced Life Center. Her passion is to help people heal and transform their lives in all areas Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional health. Through her own journey of spiritual healing and helping her family heal from various physical and spiritual malady’s, she has gained much insight as to the importance of addressing all of these areas collectively. Her mission has become her life’s work and that is to share with the world this unique style of healthcare that offers tangible treatments and services that address all of these key pieces of health with research supported and evidence based solutions.

Kevin Short

A master in Massage, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Business, Florida Massage Law, Indian Head Massage, and many other modalities, Kevin has trained extensively to become one of the best instructors in Southwest Florida. Striving to always educate and better himself, Kevin works with students to not only get a fresh perspective on things, but also works with highly educated massage therapists, constantly honing his skills and perfecting his art.

Cheryl Bernardi 

Cheryl is an internationally trained massage therapist, with a mastery of American, European, and Asian techniques and systems under her belt. She has worked extensively on integrating new, cutting-edge techniques into her massage repertoire, leading to some of the most advanced training available. Her passion for working with pregnant women began nearly 20 years ago. Her skills include attending births as a Doula, teaching Prenatal Yoga and offering Lactation Counseling. Cheryl has been the resident massage therapist at the Family Birth Center Naples, since 2012. Learn more about Cheryl at

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