Prenatal Massage Bundled Courses / NOT ON SALE

Prenatal Massage Bundled Courses / NOT ON SALE

Prenatal Massage, Levels I-III

Instructor: Cheryl Bernardi

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            In this special bundled course, you will be given the full understanding of Prenatal Massage, with information ranging from all three levels into a concise package.

In this course, you will learn about Prenatal Massage and all of its associated risks, massage techniques, important information, and more. As an overview, you will learn about the changes that affect pregnant women, general guidelines for massage therapy, benefits of prenatal massage, prenatal vocabulary, anatomy of a pregnant woman, and the stages of pregnancy. Specifically, you will be covering the importance and aspects of each trimester, covering material ranging from physiological changes, common issues, and management of said issues. You will go over contraindications, intake, interview, and assessment pretreatment qualifiers, an overview of massage options and positions, massage techniques recommended for each specific trimester, body cushion and side lying techniques related to prenatal massage, and more. You will be given a demonstration of a prenatal massage, and be given practical instruction of a prenatal massage (hands on time).

In addition, you will be given an understanding of all phases of prenatal massage therapy care, detailed anatomy and physiology during pregnancy, and be given an assessment for complicated “high risk” pregnancies, along with the tools to adapt to such circumstances. In addition, you will be given research, statistics, and information about prenatal massage, facial release techniques and positioning to help alignment of the pelvic region, skills to facilitate relaxation and reduce pain, how to attend the emotions of each client through physical touch, and other such techniques to relieve stress in pr