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12 Oncology and Massage/ 6 Eastern Massage Modalities

12 Oncology and Massage/ 6 Eastern Massage Modalities

24 Florida CEU Hours

Instructor: Jamie Klewie

Dates Offered: Saturday  May 20 and Sunday May 21, 2023

Time:  9 AM  to   3 PM  Lymph Drainage  In Class Hands on Portion


NOTE:  You may take the 12 on line hours 24/7 at your leisure within 30 days of your hands on class!

Additional 6 hours on line Eastern Modlities

Additional 6  FREE REQUIRED HOURS... Law, Ethics, Medical Errors 2 CE Each....on line not offer in class!

FL. CEU Broker #50-12266


The first part of the module will prepare you to give massage to various types of clients who have cancer and guide you on what to consider in the process.  You will learn to
define "Adaptive Massage", identify different massage strokes, define chronic and
terminal illness. You will also recognize different types of cancer, define cancer
treatments, identify cancer guidelines, identify types of tumors, and recognize the
symptoms of: Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon and Rectal Cancer, Endometrial
Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia Cancer, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Non- Hodgkins,
Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer. Prostatic Cancer, Skin Cancer, and Thyroid Cancer.

In CLASS PORTION ......The second part of the module includes and illustrates some of the most common therapeutic massage techniques when offering a chair and table massage at a hospital/hospice setting such as: compression techniques on the shoulder, neck, arm,hand and fingers, circular motions, effleurage and tapotement techniques on the shoulders and along the spine.


In addition, you will be taking the Eastern Massage Modalities course online. This course will give you an overview of the Eastern Massage Modalities and the Chakras. You will be able to define the Theory of Five Elements and explain the Creation Cycle, as well as defining the Control Cycle and identifying the Twelve Meridians in the body. Learning Eastern Modalities will aid you in massage clinic and help you with the overall health of your client.


To complete your 24 CEU hour requirements, you will be taking the 6 mandatory CEUs, which are included FREE in this package online. The Florida Laws and Rules course defines and discusses the laws and rules of Florida that pertain to the massage profession. The Massage Ethics course discusses ethical considerations in the massage industry, emphasizing communication, codes of conduct, and safety in the workplace. The Medical Errors course discusses how to make health care safer in the massage industry. This course highlights the issues we need to be aware of dealing with health care and its many components.




Course Prerequisites

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Massage License required
  • Come to class dressed professionally
  • Bring clean twin sheets (both flat and fitted), and a thin twin blanket if possible


      Course Addons

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