Intro to Trager Approach - 8 Hours

Intro to Trager Approach - 8 Hours

Class Instructor: Dr. Silvia Casabianca

Class Dates: Coming Soon

Class times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

FL. CE Broker #50-625, Course #20-382654

8 FL CEU hours


The Trager® Approach was developed by Dr. Milton Trager. It combines a special modality of manual therapy with soft movement for self-care: Mentastics®. The practitioner mindfully explores the body with the goal of helping the receiver’s body restore optimal communication between the nervous and the muscular system. Mind and body reconnect through movement and touch. Trager contributes to muscle relaxation by using undulating movement, soft traction and elongation and joint mobilization. The proprioceptive system is stimulated and this leads to the body self-correcting restrictions that’re no longer needed and contractions that serve no purpose. The result is an improvement in the range of motion (ROM), and relief of pain and limitation. The Trager practitioner invites the client to experience lightness, freedom, softness, and effortlessness, contributing to self-awareness. This class also teaches principles of bodymechanics that prevent practitioner’s burnout. TheTrager principles can be incorporated to any massage session.