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Cells and Tissues CEU Online

Cells and Tissues CEU Online

6 Florida CEU Hours  On Line

Registration Date:  March 1  2023  Enroll before  August 15,  2023

Expiration: August 31, 2023


This course defines and discusses the cells and tissues in great detail in the human body. After taking this course, you will be able to describe functions of the cells and tissues, structure of the cell, and cell types. You will be able to define and discuss parts of the cell, plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, and all of the organelles associated with the cell and how they actively and passively transport nutrients throughout the body. You will learn the filtration and osmosis process of the cell and be able to describe endocytosis and exocytosis. You will also be able to define different body systems in connection with the cells as well as positional and directional terms which will make you more qualified as a body work practitioner.

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