12 Foot Reflexology In-Class / 6 Digestive System + 6 Mandatory Online

12 Foot Reflexology In-Class / 6 Digestive System + 6 Mandatory Online

24 Florida CEU Hours

Instructor Ginny Wiser

Dates Offered: Coming Summer 2020

Time:  9 AM - 4 PM

FL. CEU Broker #20-609081


This module will give you an overview of the history of reflexology; definition of reflexology, define Western Theory, and Eastern Theory Zones. You will be able to define bones of the foot, muscles of the first toe and foot, and leg muscles for reflex zones. You will discuss hygiene and infection control while performing reflexology, and mapping of the bodies regions located on the foot, such as: abdominal area, chest and stomach, head and neck, pelvic area, spine and shoulder area, breast and lymph area, and ankle area with special circulation points.


In addition, you will be taking the Digestive System course online. This course defines and discusses the principles of the digestive system. The learning objectives include the following. After this course you will be able to; define the digestive system and digestion. Describe how the body absorbs the food and eliminates waste. Describe the digestive contractions in the digestive tracts. Define the oral cavity (mouth). Locate the taste buds. Define the stomach. Explain some of the pathological conditions of the gastrointestinal tracts. Describe vitamins, minerals, and fats. Define the digestive processes which are part of “disassembly line”. Discuss the digestive system which provides processes in which proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are broken down and used as fuel. Retake the course as many times as needed to retain skills necessary.


To complete your 24 CEU hour requirements, you will be taking the 6 mandatory CEUs, which are included FREE in this package online. The Florida Laws and Rules course defines and discusses the laws and rules of Florida that pertain to the massage profession. The Massage Ethics course discusses ethical considerations in the massage industry, emphasizing communication, codes of conduct, and safety in the workplace. The Medical Errors course discusses how to make health care safer in the massage industry. This course highlights the issues we need to be aware of dealing with health care and its many components.



Since this is the last class before license renewal we cannot confirm completion of your requirements for 2019 Renwal if we