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12 Chair Massage In-Class / 6 Circulatory System + 6 Mandatory Online

12 Chair Massage In-Class / 6 Circulatory System + 6 Mandatory Online

24 Florida CEU Hours

Instructor: Gary Gegory

Dates Offered:  Saturday - April 22  &  Sunday April 23, 2023

Time:  9 AM - 4 PM

FL. CEU Broker #20-605335


This course gives you an overall view of potential target markets; discuss marketing and advertising needs for setting up your chair massage event, and what to think about when starting your massage business. In addition, you will learn what type of organizational skills you will need to require when working in such an event. You will be able to define long-term and short-term strategies, discuss principles of diversification, define insurance billing and CPT codes, corporate chair massage, and understand the selection of various chair massage techniques, including wheel chair massage offered at a corporate massage event.


In addition, you will be taking the Circulatory System course online. This course defines and discusses the circulatory system in the human body. The learning objectives include the following; this course allows you to describe the location of the cardiovascular structures, including blood vessels and parts of the heart. You will also be able to discuss the function of each cardiovascular structure, including the parts of the heart, be able to compare the structure and function of the types of blood cells plasma and explain how blood pressure is created and controlled. In addition, you will also define and describe the general characteristics of blood and discuss its major function and review the major steps in blood coagulation. Retake the course as many times as needed to retain skills necessary.


To complete your 24 CEU hour requirements, you will be taking the 6 mandatory CEUs, which are included FREE in this package online. The Florida Laws and Rules course defines and discusses the laws and rules of Florida that pertain to the massage profession. The Massage Ethics course discusses ethical considerations in the massage industry, emphasizing communication, codes of conduct, and safety in the workplace. The Medical Errors course discusses how to make health care safer in the massage industry. This course highlights the issues we need to be aware of dealing with health care and its many components.




Course Prerequisites

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Massage License required
  • Come to class dressed professionally
  • Bring clean twin sheets (both flat and fitted), and a thin twin blanket if possible


      Course Addons

      Interested in our expanded Chair Massage packages? Below are additional addons that are available with this course:

      • Lunch On Your Own
      • Special Discount on Chair Massage chair for purchase on day of class
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