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12 Aromatherapy In-Class / 6 Eastern Massage + 6 Mandatory Online

12 Aromatherapy In-Class / 6 Eastern Massage + 6 Mandatory Online

24 Florida CEU Hours

Instructor: Ginny Wiser

Dates Offered: Friday June 16, 2023  Time:  9am to 1pm   and Saturday June 17, 2023    Time:  9am to 4pm 

 12 Hour  Hands On  CE  Basics of Aromatherapy  Plus 12 hours on line CE offered 24/7 to be completed within 30 days of registration for Hands on CE 

6 on line CE  hours on Eastern Massage PLUS 6 FREE CE Mandatory hours includes 2 CE each Law, Ethics, Medical Errors

FL. CEU Broker #20-609069


This course defines and discusses how to treat patients using scent to alleviate stress and heal both mental and physical ailments. Aromatherapy allows therapists to assist the patient with relaxation, healthy sleep, stress relief, emotional balance, skin care, respitory health, and relief from muscle tension and pain. One of the premiere natural healing methods, Aromatherapy promotes wellness and decreases negative moods and mindsets. This course will teach you all the essentials in Aromatherapy, allowing mastery of essential aromatherapy oils, applications, and uses.


In addition, you will be taking the Eastern Massage Modalities class online. This on line program will offer you an overview of the 12 Meridians in the body, describe the theory of the 5 elements and what each of the 7 Chakras mean in Eastern Medicine to help you with the overall health of your client.


To complete your 24 CEU hour requirements, you will be taking the 6 mandatory CEUs, which are included FREE in this package online. The Florida Laws and Rules course defines and discusses the laws and rules of Florida that pertain to the massage profession. The Massage Ethics course discusses ethical considerations in the massage industry, emphasizing communication, codes of conduct, and safety in the workplace. The Medical Errors course discusses how to make health care safer in the massage industry. This course highlights the issues we need to be aware of dealing with health care and its many components.




Course Prerequisites

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Massage Liscense required
  • Come to class dressed professionally
  • Bring clean twin sheets (both flat and fitted), and a thin twin blanket if possible


Course Addons

Interested in our expanded Aromatherapy packages? Below are additional addons that are available with this course:

  • Lunch On Your Own 
  • Basic Aromatherapy Starter Kit: $24.95
  • Professional Grade Starter Kit: $150 (includes top most requested oils)
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